James Web Telescope has recently caught the world by surprise by unfolding a series of unpredented observations propelling the observations of erstwhile telescope in dimlight.

How James web is different from Hubble Telescope::

Launched on Christmis of 2021, JW telescope uses infrared wavelength to take pictures of the distant objects of the universe..

Composition of JW:
Mirrors some 12, and a central one which receives Info from others and amplifies it, creating an image of exceptional quality

Difference between hubble and JW telescope:

JW telescope uses infrared spectrum while Hubble Telescope uses visible light spectrum
Scope: JW has taken picture of some 14 billions years ago, just few years after the big bang, while Hubble Telescope has taken picture of events happend much latter in the universal time and scale..
Time of launching JW: 2021
Budget: JW 10 bn dollar

Some Areas of Universe became more visible due to JW:
1) Carina Nabula
2) Cartwheel Galaxy
3) Planet Neptune: Clear cut rings, moons etc are extremely conspicuous in JW then in earlier telescopes.
4) Orion Nebula
5) Phantom Galaxy.



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