Meaning: harmful, with evil intentions

Synonyms: harmful, with evil intentions

Antonyms: benevolent, friendly


Meaning: medicinal ointment, lotion, something that heals

Synonyms: pomade, emollient

Antonyms: astringent, irritant


Meaning: to forbid, outlaw

Synonyms: prohibit, debar

Antonyms: permit, admit


Meaning: to frustrate, confound, confuse, bewilder, impede; a device for controlling the flow of gas, liquid or sound through an opening

Synonyms: thwart, perplex, stymie

Antonyms: aid, contribute, assist


Meaning: trite, overly common

Synonyms: clichéd, hackneyed

Antonyms: original, uncommon


Meaning: destruction, death, source of evil, curse, source of bad luck or harm, cause of ruin

Synonyms: scourge, curse, pestilence

Antonyms: boon, benefit, advantage


Meaning: to tease playfully and in good humour

Synonyms: gossipry, small talk, chitchat

Antonyms: debate, deliberation


Meaning: shy, demure, quiet

Synonyms: coy, diffident, nervous

Antonyms: bold, extrovert, gregarious


Meaning: a bold style in architecture, extravagant, ornate, elaborate style of decoration or presentation

Synonyms: decorative, elaborate, rococo

Antonyms: plane, basic, pure, bare, obvious


Meaning: grand, majestic, august, grandiose

Synonyms: grand, impressive, opulent

Antonyms: humble, modest, poor, meek


Meaning: indecent, obscene

Synonyms: coarse, vulgar, lewd

Antonyms: refined, advanced, superior


Meaning: cry, lament, grieve, bemoan, wail

Synonyms: cry, howl, wail, roar, sob, shout

Antonyms: whisper, murmur, undertone


Meaning: supremely happy, angelic, giving bliss, blissful

Synonyms: innocent, saintly, virtuous

Antonyms: evil, wrong, depraved, immoral


Meaning: to deceive, mislead, charm

Synonyms: dupe, bewitch

Antonyms: be honest or straight


Meaning: to make a summoning to, gesture, motion, nod

Synonyms: signal, sign, summon, gesture

Antonyms: dismiss, release, discharge, sack


Meaning: huge creature or thing

Synonyms: colossus, goliath

Antonyms: tiny, lilliput


Meaning: late, behind time

Synonyms: delayed, overdue

Antonyms: early, punctual


Meaning: harass, surround

Synonyms: annoy, badger

Antonyms: assist, aid


Meaning: confuse thoroughly

Synonyms: muddle, mix up, bewilder, baffle

Antonyms: teach, coach, tutor, educate, drill


Meaning: to represent as unimportant, make light of

Synonyms: demean, disparage

Antonyms: praise, applaud


Meaning: ready to fight, aggressive

Synonyms: irascible, hostile

Antonyms: peace loving, amiable


Meaning: hostile, aggressive, fighter

Synonyms: disputatious, quarrelsome

Antonyms: neutral, friendly


Meaning: to make a violent cry, to roar out like a bull, scream

Synonyms: shout, roar, yell, bawl, holler

Antonyms: whisper, sigh, rumour, hint


Meaning: kindly, favourable, gracious, gentle, mild, not malignant

Synonyms: humane, clement, humanitarian

Antonyms: barbarous, cruel, malignant


Meaning: to scold harshly

Synonyms: rebuke, admonish

Antonyms: praise, laud


Meaning: violently frenzied or angry, out of control, mad

Synonyms: maniacal, amok, crazy, mad

Antonyms: sane, sensible, sound, normal


Meaning: kindly in action and purpose, charitable, producing good effects

Synonyms: altruistic, philanthropic

Antonyms: unkind, mean


Meaning: charitableness, philanthropy, kindness

Synonyms: contribution, donation, largesse

Antonyms: enmity, resentment, malignancy


Meaning: to surround to force to give up, harass, cause to feel distressed

Synonyms: blockade, surround, beset

Antonyms: divest, uncover, expose


Meaning: to give as a gift

Synonyms: confer on, award to

Antonyms: deprive, refuse


Meaning: prejudice, slant

Synonyms: partiality, favoritism

Antonyms: impartiality, objectivity


Meaning: cut into two parts

Synonyms: break in two, split

Antonyms: join, unite


Meaning: quarrel, quibble, argue

Synonyms: dispute, debate, squabble

Antonyms: agree, consent, correspond


Meaning: two sided

Synonyms: two pronged, joint

Antonyms: independent, unilateral


Meaning: smooth, gentle, suave, polite, mild

Synonyms: insipid, weak, tasteless, plain

Antonyms: spicy, piquant, peppery, zesty


Meaning: words/actions meant to mock something, profane speaking, swearing about something sacred, irreverence, cursing

Synonyms: desecration, impiety, sacrilege

Antonyms: faithfulness, godliness, piousness


Meaning: glaring, obvious, showy

Synonyms: shameless, evident

Antonyms: subtle, inconspicuous


Meaning: to grow red out of shame and confusion

Synonyms: go red, flush, colour, redden

Antonyms: blench, draw back, falter, recoil


Meaning: colourless, cold, depressing, grim

Synonyms: barren, exposed, gaunt, open

Antonyms: cheerful, happy, smiling, joyful


Meaning: the highest happiness, heavenly happiness

Synonyms: ecstasy, paradise, delight

Antonyms: misery, sadness, grief, sorrow


Meaning: cheerful, sprightly, gay, joyous, merry, casual, lighthearted

Synonyms: carefree, unconcerned, happy

Antonyms: tense, anxious, bothered, edgy


Meaning: cheerful, sprightly, gay, joyous, merry, casual, lighthearted

Synonyms: carefree, unconcerned, happy

Antonyms: tense, anxious, bothered, edgy


Meaning: wild, noisy and exuberant; turbulent, violent, rough

Synonyms: clamorous, obstreperous

Antonyms: quiet, shy, timid


Meaning: to support, to give a boost to, reinforce

Synonyms: boost, strengthen, encourage

Antonyms: undermine, weaken, challenge


Meaning: using high sounding but meaningless words

Synonyms: pompous, grandiloquent

Antonyms: simple, unpretentious


Meaning: middle class

Synonyms: conservative, materialistic

Antonyms: proletarian, communist


Meaning: blessing, something to be thankful for

Synonyms: godsend, bonus

Antonyms: curse, disadvantage


Meaning: crude person, one lacking manners or taste

Synonyms: lout, ruffian

Antonyms: gentlemanly, well behaved


Meaning: reckless, impetuous, impudent, audacious

Synonyms: hasty, foolhardy, aggressive

Antonyms: sluggish, unhurried, measured


Meaning: bold, shameless, impudent, of or like brass

Synonyms: immodest, abashed

Antonyms: modest, shy


Meaning: act of breaking, violation

Synonyms: contravention, infringement

Antonyms: bridge, upholding


Meaning: conciseness, shortness, terseness

Synonyms: briefness, concision, pithiness

Antonyms: length, span


Meaning: abrupt, blunt in manners, cheeky, impudent, short, usually unpleasant in effect.


Meaning: to catch, clasp, bend, acquiesce, yield

Synonyms: clip, fastener, collapse, crumple

Antonyms: undo, unfasten, untie, unbutton


Meaning: related to cattle – tending, pastoral, rustic, rural

Synonyms: pastoral, country, countrified

Antonyms: urban, municipal, metropolitan


Meaning: full of life and spirit, lively

Synonyms: bustling, busy, energetic, lively

Antonyms: slow, sluggish, dawdling


Meaning: to do a job clumsily or awkwardly, goof up

Synonyms: botch, mismanage, ruin

Antonyms: succeed, thrive, make it


Meaning: to break, shatter, crack, arrest

Synonyms: out of order, broken

Antonyms: mend, repair, fix, restore


Meaning: egotistic, often irritatingly self – assured, pushy, arrogant, unpleasantly confident

Synonyms: boastful , arrogant, brash

Antonyms: modest, diffident, humble, meek



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