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Why healthcare professionals perform terribly bad in OET?

Pitfalls to avoid in OET.. WHY candidates perform abysmally low in writing:1) Failure to understand the type of letter2) Incomplete Introduction: Introduction must contain:A) name

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Simple Referral

Dr B ComberThe UrologistSouthport HospitalGold Coast Date: 01/06/10 Dear Dr Comber, Re: Mr Tom Cribb, DOB: 23/05/82 I am writing to refer Mr Cribb, a

CSS English English Essay Precise & Composition

Common synonyms and antonyms : Alphabet C

>>COMATOSE Meaning: drowsy, sleepy, affected with coma, unconscious Synonyms: exhausted, spent, passed out, torpid Antonyms: energetic, active, brisk, bouncy >>COMMOTION Meaning: activity, ado, action, turmoil

CSS English English Essay Precise & Composition

Synonyms and Antonyms series:Alphabet B

>>BALEFUL Meaning: harmful, with evil intentions Synonyms: harmful, with evil intentions Antonyms: benevolent, friendly >>BALM Meaning: medicinal ointment, lotion, something that heals Synonyms: pomade, emollient

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Effectiveness of psychotherapy: how to check it.

Client Feedback: Gathering feedback from clients about their subjective experiences and improvements can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Clinical Assessment: Regular assessments

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International law and world order: A theoretical Perspective

Morgethau: Int. Law amounted to a form of ‘Primitive law’, similar to the behavioral codes established in pre-modern societies… Realist believe that the proper and

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How chinese concept of security is different from western concept of security??

The GSI is a complete system and is the result of applying the Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy to the field of international security. It

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Terrorism in Pakistan, how to counter it:

1) Introduction: The human toll of Pakistan’s approach has been immense. Some 16,225 terror attacks have been reported in Pakistan since 2000, resulting in 66,601 deaths, according

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How Hamas-Israel War impacts Russia-Ukraine War??

CA/IRHow does Hamas-Israel war impacts Russia-Ukraine War: Amid Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine, Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s military response in Gaza has

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Can Pakistan get rid of existential problem of bleeding state-owned entities??

Introduction:: Research over the last few decades has established that the performance of SOEs suffers because of two critical reasons.1) One, SOEs are tasked with